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From The CUT: "If Roe is overturned, the Guttmacher Institute predicts that abortion would be explicitly or effectively outlawed in at least 26 states. According to one estimate, 41 percent of women of childbearing age, mostly across the South and Midwest, would lose access to their nearest clinic, potentially increasing their average travel time by hundreds of miles. And Republicans have already been chipping away at access in these states for years, making abortion virtually inaccessible even if technically legal. If you’re feeling terrified and want to take action, the best thing you can do is donate to an abortion fund: an on-the-ground organization that helps arrange and pay for abortion care for patients who need it. In states where access has been whittled away almost entirely, these funds also help pay for transportation and lodging for patients who have to travel hours, sometimes crossing state lines, just to access health care." More funds, remember even if it isn't on here, you can still get CH to match manually:

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New Orleans Abortion Fund

We affirm a person's right to control their body and work to ensure that all people have access to quality medical care, regardless of their economic situation. Work with local medical providers, we provide compassionate and empowering assistance to patients seeking abortions who are unable to fully fund their abortion, and distribute pledges as available.

National Network of Abortion Funds, Lilith Fund

In 2021, Texas enacted a trigger ban, intended to prohibit abortion in almost all situations, and a six-week ban which allows private individuals to sue abortion providers or helpers in Texas courts.

Missouri Abortion Fund

Missouri has just one abortion provider, and 78 percent of Missouri women live in counties with no abortion clinic. Missouri has a trigger ban intended to prohibit all abortion as well as an eight-week abortion ban that’s currently blocked from taking effect.

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

77 percent of Arkansas women live in counties with no abortion clinic. Arkansas passed a trigger ban intended to prohibit abortion in 2019.

North Dakota WIN (Women in Need) Abortion Access Fund

North Dakota has one open abortion provider, and 72 percent of North Dakota women live in counties with no abortion clinic. It enacted a near-total trigger ban in 2007, which would take effect after the legislature approves a recommendation from the state attorney general clearing the maneuver as constitutional.

Womens Medical Fund Inc

70 percent of Wisconsin women live in counties with no abortion clinic. Wisconsin has an unenforced pre-Roe ban.

Kansas Abortion Fund

In 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state constitution protects abortion rights — but this August, voters will weigh in on an amendment directly challenging that decision. If the amendment passes without Roe as a backdrop, a Republican supermajority will have the opportunity to pursue restrictions on par with Kansas’s conservative neighbors’.

Iowa Abortion Access Fund

Iowa has passed legislation banning abortion as early as six weeks, with only a few narrow exceptions. A court struck down that law after the state Supreme Court issued a ruling protecting abortion rights in 2018, but Republican lawmakers are working to advance an amendment saying the state constitution does not allow those protections.

Carolina Abortion Fund

In 2021, South Carolina’s governor signed a six-week ban into effect, which was subsequently blocked by the courts. In Roe’s absence, the law would make most abortions illegal throughout the state.

DC Abortion Fund

80 percent of Virginia women live in counties with no abortion clinic. Then-Governor Ralph Northam eased abortion restrictions in 2020, but it remains uncodified in the state constitution. The current governor, Glenn Youngkin, identifies as “pro-life” and seems to support further restrictions.

New Mexico Religious Coalition For Reproductive Choice

In early 2021, the governor signed a law overturning the state’s unenforced pre-Roe ban. Nonetheless, the constitution lacks explicit protections, even as it accepts clinic overflow from more hostile states like Texas.

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