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Combined Municipal Campaign

The Combined Municipal Campaign is the city's annual giving drive by employees to raise money for local charities. Traditionally, the CMC occurs during October each year. Departments hold fundraisers and encourage employees to make payroll pledges. But this year marks the start of a new day for the CMC. We have partnered with Bright Funds to make donating to the charity of your choice even easier. Bright Funds is a charitable giving platform that helps individuals and companies support the causes they are passionate about.

John Whitmire
John Whitmire , Mayor

Donating your time and money to those in need is not an easy decision when balancing the demands of your careers and families. Your generosity and selfless actions are evidence of your commitment to improving the lives of so many. Thank you for your contribution.

Ride-to-EndALZ Texas (VM for Pedal Away Alzheimer’s) Fund

Let's Pedal Away Alzheimer's the Texas way...BIG!

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