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Castration-Mobile-Vehicle Projekt by Prodog Romania e.V. Fund

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Welcome to ProDogRomania! We are a non-profit association and would like to inform you about our animal welfare work in Romania. The association was founded in order to represent and promote the idea of animal welfare beyond the borders of Germany in Europe and especially to fight against the misery of dogs in Romania. In a country like Romania, where animal welfare is still in its infancy or even non-existent, we have set ourselves the goal of counteracting these abuses. Helping to help themselves is our first priority! We have been planning it for a long time... Until now there has never been the opportunity... A realisation was not possible... and now finally, together with the PDR Team Baile and the veterinary team from Timisoara, we will be able to realise the dream of a "Castration-Mobile-Vehicle"! Emergency calls keep coming in, especially from rural areas and up in the mountains. Many people there have little money & possibilities. For them, the way to Baile Herculane is half a world trip and they would never be able to come to our shelter for a free castration campaign. They would love to castrate their animals, but the journey with the animal to the vet simply cannot be made possible. In addition, there are many free-roaming dogs up there in the mountains, all of which are not neutered and continue to multiply year after year. With the Castration-Mobile-Vehicle we are self-sufficient and our veterinary team is mobile. We can travel to the villages and offer our free help - for owner dogs, but also for the free-roaming street dogs of the region. Mishu (Shelter Manager) is already talking to some of the mayors in the region to make them aware of this innovation. If dramatic emergencies are found during such missions, they can be taken to our shelter. All other dogs that are fit stay there and are allowed to live their free lives there. ProDogRomania e.V. will finance the complete vehicle and of course we need your help! The vehicle has already been found, the papers are ready and it will be brought to Romania as soon as possible! We hope that you are as happy about this news as we are and that you recognise the necessity and importance of this project. We appreciate your support and are very excited to see how our new project will develop! Thank you very much for your support!

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Castration-Mobile-Vehicle Projekt by Prodog Romania e.V. Fund

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